First Snow

I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I drove into the office parking lot this morning, it was covered with snow! On the 26th of October. No snow on the road, only when I entered the office premises. And me in my ballerinas well prepared for Russian winter attack , trying to avoid wet and cold feet. Maybe I should just have checked my weather app like I always do during summer.

The view from my office…And I have no gloves or hats, since I thought I would bring it, when I come to DK for Christmas. So I had an excuse to go shopping this evening. Excuse the light.


3 responses to “First Snow

  1. Amélie heeft haar haar geverfd! Jij Mooie!

  2. Not only in Russia – driving home on Friday night, the temperature suddenly dropped and there was suspiciously heavy splatter on the windscreen – lo and behold, there was snow in the air albeit the slushy kind. In Denmark…. On October 26th…. Just too early! May follow your example though – good excuse for shopping ;o)
    (BTW is ‘the slushy kind’ one of Smilla’s definitions….??)

  3. Robert Felczak

    Wait until you go to Novosib in Februari…
    You will need to wear your most furry high heels then 😉
    Glad that you seem to share my emotions regarding mother Russia.

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