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Doing Moscow with Nanna

This weekend I had a pleasant visit from my dear friend Nanna. We were so very efficient in our sightseeing/doing-the-city efforts, that any stereotype Japanese tourist would be envious.

Friday we went to my favourite restaurant the White Rabbit.

Next day we went on an extremely long guided tour named with an extremely boring guide, a tour named “Stalin’s Moscow” which, potentially,  could have been very exciting. And we did see some nice buildings as here below one of the so-called seven sisters.

The FSB building, formerly known as the headquarter of the KGB on Lubyanka.

The former KGB political prison, which of course never existed.

…met with Connie for a late lunch at Strelka with a view to Moskva river.

The Alexander Garden in front of the Kremlin, and the Cathedral of St. Basil on the Red Square.

Saturday evening, again a nice night out on the town on Reka.

Sunday, on the way to Izmaylovo Market, we inspected the peculiar and infamous Soviet metro art.

…the market.

…and in the evening, the Circus. As you might see in the background, there is a photo opportunity for children with a live-probably-doped-tiger outside the arena. I did not dare go very close, because I am a chicken, and I am sure they get eaten by tigers.

So as you see a heavy program, and then Nanna actually went around the city on her own today. I hope she feels, that she has done Moscow, but is not done with moscow.


My IKEA Home

I promised to post some more photos of my flat. I feel at home here, in my all-IKEA home, although I still need to find something to put on the walls. But you don’t see this on the photos, because I chose the good angles 🙂 Look at this wardrobe, where you can pull out the shoe rack – are you getting my sale pitch here?