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Down to Gorky Park

The name Gorky Park or Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, as it is called officially, reminds me of the 1980’s Scorpions hit “Listen to the winds of change”. Remember? I liked the Scorpions, I hate to admit, and still get melancholic, when I hear the old hits, which they play so readily in the radio here. Anyway, this post is not about Scorpions, but about Gorky Park. Back in the eighties, when we all sang …down to Gorky Park…I am sure it didn’t look like it does today, where some complain that it is all about amusement. Even IKEA had the catalogue launch here this weekend. So cool.





On top of the launch, the park also hosted a food festival this weekend.




I went with Pauline, a wonderful colleague, who unfortunately is leaving Russia very soon, I am sad to say. Thanks for the good times, Pauline!

As you can see, this park is all about leisure.


Thank god the weather was nice on Saturday, otherwise it has been raining a lot since I came back from DK.




Wonderful vacation

Hi all,

You just thought you’d got rid of me? No, I have just had a LONG vacation. In wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, here in the neighborhood and with a view from Tine and Morten’s apartment, my lucky friends.

Then on to Bornholm with my family.

And then on to a week full of yoga and meditation on Drejø with a lot of natural beauty, and silence. I still hear OM (AUM), the original sound of the universe. If you ever want to go somewhere very beautiful, I can recommend to see the small islands south of Funen.

Then to Amsterdam, visiting Heidi, hanging out in North A’dam at one of the new cafés opening in the industrial area at the river Ei.

Then a quick trip to the North Sea with Camilla. Here are some of the old German bunkers redecorated. What to make of it? And a nice dinner with a good veggie meal for me in a restaurant in an old beach hotel, where we stayed the night. Next day some sightseeing, among other things this impressive oil rig, which we learned about the night before by some real tough oil drillers.