Monthly Archives: September 2012

A Night on the Town

I have had a visit from Paul, who is a previous colleague, who came to Moscow to hold some workshops. So, Olga and I took him out on a night on the town. First, we went to this super nice, trendy restaurant and club, Reka, where you have view of the Moskva river. Here we had good food and a lot of whine. I am sorry if some of the photos of this blog entry are a bit blurry or stirred, but I might have been a little stirred myself, when I took them.

Then we went on to a club called Gypsy around the corner, where the DJ did all he could to keep us warm on the partly open air, rooftop dance floor. Even a little rain did not stop the crowd from rocking to the tunes.



Luxury Workout

I went swimming today at my new fitness club. It is so cosy and luxurious, and so ridiculously expensive. Almost 80 000 RUR for a year, you do the conversion math. Fitness in Moscow is not cheap at all, and I did not choose the cheapest place. But a little luxury is nice, and otherwise, I don’t spend a lot on myself here. Haven’t got the time. And, I can bring guests, so you can look forward to that, when you visit me. I have been to yoga class too. Very funny, when you don’t understand a word. Good thing I am not a novice, I could follow the moves and poses by looking.


I have the pool, or at least a lane all to my self. Fantastic. I love swimming.


Nice shower cubicles and sauna.

3 Things You Don’t See so often in Denmark

1)  The weekly pile of paper on my desk, where the blue tags indicate, where I need to sign on contracts, invoices, acts of acceptance (of product or service), etc. We have one whole floor in the building dedicated only to archive. Papers, papers, papers. Bureaucracy takes it toll.

2) I live on the fifth floor, and this window on the staircase plateau is maybe put in 40 cm hight. Not really an installation the Danish authorities would let pass. Imagine the panic among the resident parents. Well, not here.

…and finally 3), this TV set, probably black & white. I haven’t seen one of these at the containers in Copenhagen for years.

Isn’t it wonderful?