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The European City

Having traveled a week now, I am saturated by impressions. However, now I am meeting all the shopping centre managers, the regional managers, the matrix managers , etc. can there be more managers? And St. Petersburg is a wonderful city.









Leisure time

I have received a diploma after doing a 9-days intensive Russian course, hurray. Having been to Russian class everyday means that the last week, I have only been to work once, physically. Consequently, I have had a little time off to do something else. So for example Thursday, I had dinner with Henrik at the Swedish-owned Restaurant Scandinavia. He is another Dane working within the Group. It was a beautiful evening, because the weather has changed and is very nice again after too much rain. 


Yesterday evening, Saturday, I went out to a nice restaurant with my colleagues Håkan and Pauline, and her husband, Curre – all Swedish. Very cosy place. And very tasty food.



And today, after having finished my Russian intensive course at three, I went to a relaxing food of the world event in the Hermitage Garden of moscow.



And on my way home it warmed my heart to see this billboard for the Shopping Nights in our Moscow MEGAs, which will take place on the 23rd of June. 


Mailorder Company

Both my landlady and I have access to my apartment’s post. I do not touch the letters I do not understand, which still is pretty much everything. She informed me a couple of days ago that there was a notice slip, that a parcel was waiting for me at the post office. OK. Where is the post office? I deciphered the note, and found a street name, went there. They looked at me, and said something about that this was not the place, but gave me vague directions to the right place. And I found it. Through this port.

Through the yard…

…and here it was.

…and look, what met me when I opened the parcel at home.

…company – by mail. I had expressed last to my friend Heidi, that I am among good and caring people during the day, but have no one to HUUUG, when finally, I am home from work.

Problem solved! I love him! Van harte bedankt, lieve Heidi!

At the Volga with Brezhnev

I had to smile a bit when I realised that the last name of the marketing manager in Samara is Brezhnev. My name is not Honecker, so we did not kiss 🙂                         Mr. Brezhnev showed me around in the beautiful, warm city (35 degrees today), starting at the embankment of the river Volga.

The city is very much into sports and with a lot of green and recreational areas, nice old wooden houses.

…and of course the token Soviet architecture and grand squares.

Public transport…

At one of the competitors I bought my first religious icon in this kiosk.

You May Kiss the Bride

I went to a real Russian wedding today in the church of Pokrova Presviatoi Bogoroditzi (Under the Most Holy Mothers Protection). Celebrating Pentecost, the church was very nicely decorated with grass on the floor and birch trees. I don’t know the symbolic reason behind.

Kirken Pokrova Presviatoi Bogoroditzi (Under Den Mest Hellige Gudsmoders Beskyttelse)

In Russian, a wedding is called a coronation. You can see the impressive crowns the priest puts on the couple’s heads.

Crowns for a Russian wedding

The crowning

The bride drinks the blood of Jesus.

Drinking the blood of Jesus

It is Connie, whom I met on the plain you know, who has taken me with her. She has known the family for 18 years. She wears the blue scarf standing next to me. Entering a Russian church, you are supposed to cover your hair.