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First Snow

I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I drove into the office parking lot this morning, it was covered with snow! On the 26th of October. No snow on the road, only when I entered the office premises. And me in my ballerinas well prepared for Russian winter attack , trying to avoid wet and cold feet. Maybe I should just have checked my weather app like I always do during summer.

The view from my office…And I have no gloves or hats, since I thought I would bring it, when I come to DK for Christmas. So I had an excuse to go shopping this evening. Excuse the light.


Walk Tall

Russian women are fashionistas. They love to dress up. In fact, you are more likely to be too casual at any event than to be too dressed up. So they love fashion and with fashion follows heels – high heels. Everywhere, at any occasion, in rain and snow, Russian women wear high heels. I am impressed. Well, they rarely look like the boot below here, that’s just for fun, but see the examples further down this page. Photos, I sneaked taking pretending to check my phone ūüôā

Ukraina, one of Stalin’s Seven Sisters

I went to a business meeting Friday afternoon organized by the Danish Business Club, where I have become a member. ¬†The topic was “Successful Service Orientation in Russia – case Hotel Ukraina“. This 5-star hotel is one of “Stalin’s Seven Sisters“, a group of Moscow skyscrapers¬†designed in the Stalinist style and¬†built from 1947 to 1953. Ukraina¬†is the second tallest of the “sisters” (198 meters, 34 levels) and more than 500 hotel rooms. It was the tallest hotel in the world¬†from the time of its construction until 1975.

The main speaker was  the Training and Development Manager of Hotel Ukraina, Radisson Group. A woman and Danish. This old hotel has recently been restored, refurbished and now looks amazing!


I have just been with the team to Armenia for team building. I didn’t know what to expect from this former Soviet republic, but I fell in love with the country and the people. We flew from Moscow to the capital of Yerevan, a flight of two and a half hours and spent¬†two and a half¬†days there.¬†There was time for workshops, eating, drinking, sightseeing, having fun.¬†We saw Yerevan…

Tasted some of the famous Armenian cognac, excuse me, Armenian brandy.

ate…a lot.

Meat and vegetables are often wrapped in this delicious bread.

Partying…here I am with our webmaster, Evgeniy. And going around with very old LADA taxies.

Then we went to see this monastery, an hours drive from Yerevan, built in the beginning of the 13th century. The experience was amazing, I felt so at peace and awed by the remains of a long, long history.

Next to the church we saw old, pre-historic caves, which were used by the first Christians, who came to Armenia, as both small church rooms and hide out from the pagans, who wanted to kill them. Gregory is known to have lived and missioned here in the beginning of 300 AD.

We also visited the pagan temple of Garni. You see stones with Aramaic inscriptions Рthe language of Jesus Christ, Urartian inscriptions dating back to the 8th century BC. It is the only pagan temple that was not destroyed after Armenia became Christian in 303, because the sister of the King Trdates II wanted to use it as a summer residence. It was destroyed in the earthquake in 1679, though, and rebuilt by the Russians between 1965-1975.

I could certainly go back and see more of this magnificent country with the rich history, and where the people are so friendly!