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If you missed this, then sorry, it has been so long since my last post. As time has passed I have found it increasingly difficult to pull myself together to do it – even though it takes so little time and effort to do it. I guess my vitamin D level has been low, Moscow bites to the bone as Connie says. So I hope this update is not too long for your taste.

What happened in December? Well, apart from working, I went out with some guys from the Danish Business Chamber, after a “Julefrokost” (Christmas dinner) at the Danish Embassy.


At work I participated in five so-called Advisory Boards, so I traveled a lot to our shopping centres in the regions.


I also went to Prague with the Commercial Concept team for whom, I am still acting Manager – ending probably begin March.


Then I went to Denmark for Christmas and New Year. Watching Disney Classics on the 24th, as I have since childhood.


This is my vegetarian version of the traditional Danish Christmas dinner, with a “roast” made by my uncle. The rest of the family had pork roast, duck, white and caramelised brown potatoes, gravy, sour condiments, etc.IMG_2385

And New Years Eve, Nanna and I were partying, after the mandatory speech of our Queen.


And 1st of January the mandatory speech of the our Prime minister.IMG_2431

Back in Moscow after a long holiday, my first weeks have been very busy, and I had been ill in DK with among other ailments a blatter infection, which died hard. I had to get antibiotics here in Moscow. An important realisation for me though was, that it is only now, that I fully embrace living here. It is only now I get a totally warm feeling in my stomach thinking about my Moscow and my Russia. I live here now, my home is here.

Besides work, and after I got well, there has also been room for going out and discover some more of Moscow night life. Here it is an amazing bar hidden in the cellar of this Chinese noodle shop. Go through a black curtain, down a flight of stairs, and wooptie. You wouldn’t know in a million years.


Amazing isn’t it, Moscow is a discovery, you have to know people or get hints to where to go, because you simply do not find it – as a foreigner. Outside again, my colleague Valeria is tangling a horse, that came across.


Together with Nikita, who is not a Russian guy, but a fantastic Danish woman, and sadly soon is returning to DK, I went on sightseeing, like on the History museum. But also we also went to Kamchatka, not the far East, but a conceptual, Soviet style retro restaurant, where you can get all the dishes from back then. service was also Soviet style, we waited half an hour to get served.


And afterwoods next doors to the fancy Vogue Bar, where we had to laugh when the waiter put a fork and knife at my plate for this piece of chocolate.


Then there is just left to show my Moscow winter landscape. Ice, Ice, Baby.